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The Durham Advantage


The Durham Region Roundtable on Climate Change

Climate change is happening, and the consequences will affect lives in profound ways. Communities and local governments play significant roles in protecting the climate by developing sustainable business practices.

In 2009, a Durham Region Roundtable on Climate Change (DRRCC) was established to lead the development and implementation of a Community Climate Change Local Action Plan (LAP).Through the LAP, a vision was developed for the Region of Durham to be a "carbon-neutral, sustainable, prosperous, and resilient community with a high quality of life." Regional Council has adopted aggressive greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets to reach it’s climate change goals, that include:

GHG Targets

  • 5 per cent reduction by 2015
  • 20 per cent reduction by 2020
  • 80 per cent reduction by 2050

The proposed programs in the LAP will have a number of positive impacts. As the programs are implemented, they will stimulate capital investment and economic activity throughout Durham Region. For more information visit

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