Our Story

Durham Region Film Festival signThe Durham Region Film Festival (DRFF) began in 2015 as a locally focused event, held at two distinct venues to showcase the remarkable world of films and filmmaking. Taking full advantage of Durham’s cultural landscape, it was held at the elegant Regent Theatre and extraordinary Docville Movie Set, offering the magical experience of film both on screen and behind the scenes. Dedicated to the promotion and celebration of emerging and established filmmakers, the world of cinema and talented artists, came together at this inaugural event, to elevate Durham’s strong and growing film community.

The DRFF offers gala events, screenings, award ceremonies, experiential activities and movie set demonstrations. We host a large number of filmmakers from our backyard and beyond, connecting them with audiences through post-screening question and answer periods, workshops, networking events, and through film panels and discussions open to the general public.

The 2016 lineup is presented in series that group DRFF's offerings into easily identifiable categories such as: animation, documentaries, features, shorts and student films. We will also present a number of awards to outstanding films selected by our audiences and esteemed juries.

This new, exciting event is brought to Durham through the wonderful support of the Film Festival Sub-committee, consisting of local film industry veterans, stakeholders and film enthusiasts as well as many volunteers and very generous sponsors.

Our Mission

The goal of the DRFF is to champion filmmakers, especially new artists, in order to captivate and delight audiences, as we seek to provide the best stories presented within a remarkable festival environment. We strive to discover and share the most outstanding films, especially those that would not otherwise be seen.

We aim to inspire filmmakers, movie buffs and the curious-minded with our script-to-screen programming and extraordinary stories. The DRFF is an opportunity to foster permanent connections between like-minded cineastes and industry professionals.

As DRFF continues to grow, it will become an integral part of the local and international film culture as we aim to create experiences that bring people together through the art of cinema, and foster a community that is more artistic, engaged and enlightened.