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Investment Opportunities


Establishing A Business In Durham

Durham’s communities are thriving with small business activity. As our 2012 employment survey shows, there is a thriving entrepreneurial spirit in Durham with 71 per cent of the companies surveyed employing 10 or less employees. Those numbers are expected to grow.

Durham Region is home to many creative and prosperous entrepreneurs that are moving us forward as the place to be for business. Working together, we can strengthen what is already an innovative, creative and profitable economy here in Durham.

What would happen to entrepreneurship and innovation in Durham Region if the community pooled its resource; to support two high-potential startups? To find out, the Ignite 2013 journey was created by Spark Centre and the Region of Durham, along with many local community partners. An astounding 102 applicants answered that call, and many more are now gearing up for Ignite 2014. The Ignite program unleashed an outstanding amount of opportunities for local economy, and proved that entrepreneurship and small business are sprouting all over the region.

To learn more about the Ignite program.

Establishing A Business In Ontario

Ontario is making it faster and easier for new and small businesses to get the services and information they need to start, operate and grow.

To date, more than 10,000 businesses have registered for the Province's ONe-Source for Business service. The online portal provides quick and easy access to more than 5,000 services and information from all levels of government, allowing small business owners to focus on creating jobs and competing in the global economy.

What is ONe-Source?

The ONe-Source for Business portal will help guide you to the government services, forms and information you need to start, operate and grow your business. You can search for information that pertains to your business and locate resources from many levels of government.

Here’s how ONe-Source for Business can help you:

  • Work with partners in different levels of government to provide direct access to services, forms and information.
  • Review and catalogue this information; highlighting what is important and valuable to your business.
  • You can search and access the services and information you need, save the items relevant to your account, and submit and track business services online.

Online services:

The listing below includes frequently accessed online services for business.

  • Search, register, renew your business and get a Master Business Licence Obtain a Master Business Licence via email and apply for important programs with various ministries.
  • Change your address and other business information Update existing information with several Ontario programs and the federal government.
  • ONT-TAXS online File, pay and view Ontario business taxes.
  • Accessibility Compliance: File your accessibility compliance report Learn more about compliance with the Accessibility Standards and file your organization’s accessibility report.
  • Search, fill and submit online business forms Search this listing to find Online Forms that you can open, edit, submit, and track via you’re Account.
  • Search or register a personal property lien Find out if personal property is being used to secure a loan.
  • Ontario Gazette Read current and back issues of the Ontario Gazette, the government of Ontario’s official publication of Notices and Regulations
  • Regulatory Registry Participate in the development of Ontario regulations that may impact your business.
  • File your federal articles of incorporation with Corporations Canada.
  • Search for a federal corporation.

For additional business services offered by the Province of Ontario, visit Service Ontario

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