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Key Sectors


Durham Region has long been a centre of traditional manufacturing in Canada, with particular strengths in the automotive, aerospace and automation sectors. However, as technology and other enabling tools have become more sophisticated, Durham’s manufacturers have moved to implement increasingly advanced methods, technologies and structures for developing and delivering their manufactured product to market.

The rise of the "advanced" manufacturing sector has created opportunities related to both the strengthening and deepening of traditional manufacturing activity in the region, and the enhancement or promotion of the region’s competitive strengths. This is a result of the increased level of skills found within a local or resident labour force.

To this end, Durham Region continues to demonstrate a strong base of advanced manufacturing that is concentrated in:

  • Textile and fabric finishing and fabric coating manufacturing;
  • Converted paper product manufacturing;
  • Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing;
  • Paint, coating and adhesive manufacturing;
  • Rubber product manufacturing;
  • Glass and glass product manufacturing;
  • Cement and concrete product manufacturing;
  • Forging and stamping;
  • Boiler tank and shipping container manufacturing;
  • Motor vehicle and parts manufacturing; and
  • Household and institutional furniture and kitchen cabinet manufacturing.

For more information on advanced manufacturing contact:
Kasia Chojecki
Phone: 905-668-4113 Ext. 2605

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