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Durham Region "Open for Filming"

Durham Region's rural scenery and historic landmarks are the "silent stars" in favourite film productions from around the world, where you can capture the perfect scene within an hour's drive of downtown Toronto and Lester B. Pearson International Airport. The diverse geography offers a variety of locations from quaint downtowns, picturesque bridges and historical buildings to rural settings, abandoned factories and rustic train stations, with both old and new sites covering a variety of historical period settings. The existing robust tourism industry also has a variety of amenities (restaurants, hotels, shopping) that support the film sector.

The film sector in Durham Region is supported by a rich labour pool of skilled and technical trades providing local expertise and experience, including but not limited to: animal handlers, catering, communications equipment, promotional items, transcript and script, props/set dressing, set construction, special effects, wardrobe, hair and makeup.

Production of many popular tv and movies filmed in Durham Region include:

  • Hannibal (Film, 2012)
  • Carrie (Film, 2012)
  • Nikita (TV, 2012)
  • Flashpoint (TV, 2012)
  • Lost Girl (TV, 2012)
  • Four Weddings Canada (TV series)
  • Beauty and the Beast (TV, 2012)
  • Bomb Girls (TV, 2012)
  • Kindness of a Stranger (Film, 2012)
  • Hemlock Grove (TV, 2012)
  • The Kennedy's (TV, 2012)
  • Camp X (Doc, 2012)
  • The Transporter (TV, 2010)
  • Murdoch Mysteries (TV, 2009)

The Region film office is assisted by the OMDC, the focal point for Ontario's creative media industries, for film and television projects, through its supported team, online digital location library, funding information and a variety of other resources.

For more information, contact:
Eileen Kennedy
Phone: 905-668-4113 Ext. 2617

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