Reskilling Programs

Reskilling programs within Durham Region to assist employees and businesses with recovery.

Reskilling Programs in Durham Region

Durham Region is home to three world-class post-secondary schools offering reskilling programs as well as continuous learning, degree, masters, diploma, certificate and microcredential programs.

A summary of programs available are included below, but for complete program offerings, details and to register, please contact the institution directly.

Develop the agile and adaptable skills needed in today's workplace. Study in Durham Region at Durham College, Ontario Tech University or Trent University Durham GTA.

Durham College

Bookkeeping Certificate – Part-time (11 Courses), January, 2021
Learn how to use accounting software and applications, so you can help companies keep their financial records accurate and up-to-date.

Legal Office Assistant Certificate – Part-time (11 Courses), January, 2021
Prepare for a fascinating role as a legal administrative assistant, and become a critical part of a law office team.

Veterinary Office Assistant Certificate – Part-time (8 Courses), January, 2021
Develop the basic skills needed to become a valued member of a veterinary office team.

Insight 2020 - Check website for upcoming dates 
The 2020’s will require a new vision that drives discipline and focus. Effective leaders will need to leverage the aggregate of their organization’s skills to create the type of value that customers are willing to pay for. This virtual training event focuses on the top 5 areas of excellence required to move any organization from a surviving mindset to a thriving culture.

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Driver Training - Air Brakes Endorsement “Z” - Ongoing intake
This two-day “Z” Endorsement course added to a licence allows the operation of a vehicle with air brakes.

“A” Driver Training: Class A Licence – Ongoing intake
This eight-week program includes all Ministry testing. This class of licence covers the largest vehicles without passengers. 

“D” Driver Training: Class D Licence - Ongoing intake
This 16-hour course trains on the D class licence and covers vehicles like dump trucks, garbage trucks, and straight trucks.

“F” Driver Training: Class F Licence - Ongoing intake
This 11-hour course trains on the F class licence covers driving up to 24 passengers e.g. ambulance, small commercial bus, or limo.

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Culinary Management diploma – Two years, January 2021
Master the art of food and flavour in our Culinary Management program. You will explore locally grown food, experiment with ethnic and contemporary cuisine, and develop your skills in the culinary arts, while learning valuable management skills that will take your career to the next level. Significant focus is placed on lab/kitchen time, encouraging students to develop their techniques and products, much of which they are able to take home and enjoy. Graduates are sought after by a broad range of employers because of their unique skills, which include artisan meat cutting, cheese production, baking, canning and preserving.

Food Service Worker Certificate – Part-time (6 courses), January, 2021
Build the skills needed to join a food service team in commercial facilities, institutions or long-term care homes.

Hospitality – Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management Diploma – two years, January 2021
Be part of one of the fastest-growing industry segments in the world. Hotels, resorts, restaurants, cruise ships, casinos, entertainment venues and conference centres are all benefiting from an increasing number of travellers from around the globe. Learn the essential operational skills and management techniques that employers value in this vibrant business. Explore the diverse career paths that are available to you, as you unleash your passion for customer service excellence and profitable hospitality business operations. The world of accommodation, food and beverage, travel and tourism is yours to discover.

Hospitality Skills certificate – two semesters (January to August 2021)
The Hospitality industry is growing fast – so fast that the industry is bracing for significant labour shortages. Thousands of jobs will be available across Canada for people with the right education, skills and attitude. From the front desk at a hotel or resort, to a food and beverage service position at a restaurant or club, or customer service positions in a wide variety of businesses, there will be many outstanding opportunities. If you enjoy travel, meeting new people, and have a passion for being a part of an industry that makes people happy, Hospitality Skills is a great place to start.

Tourism – Destination Marketing diploma – two years, January 2021
In this program, students learn how to uphold service and quality standards throughout the customer lifecycle; develop a digital and social media presence and marketing plans that align with business goals and strengthen brand recognition; cultivate partnerships and relationships; explore entrepreneurial opportunities in destination marketing; and conduct powerful market research and customer analytics to guide the development of effective tourism products and experiences. Graduates will lead and support business development initiatives that build a destination’s reputation in order to attract tourists, investors and skilled professionals. Equipped with a broad base of skills and knowledge, they help destinations realize significant economic impacts that contribute to job creation, community sustainability and improved quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

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Medical Terminology Microcredential – Part-time (3 courses), January, 2021
Perfect for those who already have an administrative assistant background and now want to shift into a similar role in the healthcare field. Just 3 courses!

Hospital Nursing Unit Clerk Certificate – Part-time (9 courses), January, 2021
Develop the office management and business communication skills needed to provide clerical and administrative support in a hospital unit or other type of health care institution.

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Coding Essentials Certificate – Part-time (11 courses), January, 2021
Even if you’re a complete beginner, you can prepare for an exciting job in the rapidly growing field of information technology as a programmer or web app developer.

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Academic Upgrading Certificate of Recognition - Grade 12 Equivalency in Math & English
Missing academic requirements required to enter a post-secondary program or obtain employment? This program provides you with an opportunity to obtain your grade 12 Math and English equivalency.

  • Foundations – starts October 26, 2020

Essential Skills Workshops - Fall 2020 and Winter 2021

Durham College’s Essential Skills Workshops are flexible, personalized and supportive programs that help learners prepare to meet the needs and challenges of future academic and/or employment goals. All programming is completely free of charge for learners, and in addition to our in-person classroom sessions are also now available for distance learning through Durham College’s online learning platform. Once registered, you are entitled to take as many or few of our available workshops as you choose.

  • Food Service Industry Workshop
  • Health Literacy Workshop
  • Financial Literacy Workshop
  • Pathways to Employment in the Cannabis Industry Workshop
  • Basic Health & Safety Workshop
  • Mental Health & Stress Management Workshop
  • Learning to Learn Online

Learn more about eligibility and registration requirements for Durham College’s Essential Skills Workshops

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Electrical Engineering Technician diploma – two years, January 2021
Whether you find yourself at a dairy farm or in a nuclear power plant, your knowledge and skills of electricity, safety and installation methods will give you the ability to install, maintain and troubleshoot the motor controls and wiring systems that allow businesses to operate. Having physical control of temperature and pressure systems ensures that staff are comfortable and safe, and that work is completed effectively and up to code. Graduates will meet the Ministry of Labour’s Working at Heights training requirement.

Electrical Techniques certificate – one year, January 2021
Electricity powers our world and is present all around us, providing light, power, air conditioning and refrigeration. This program focuses on commercial and residential electrical installation. It will provide you with basic skills in electricity and electrical system installation and ensure you become familiar with the relevant tools and materials required in this field to successfully understand, install and test basic electrical systems for a specified number of applications. Graduates will meet the Ministry of Labour’s Working at Heights training requirement.

Mechanical Techniques – Plumbing Certificate - 1 Year, January, 2021
As a student in the Mechanical Techniques – Plumbing program, you will learn basic skills and how to install, repair and maintain pipes, fixtures and other plumbing equipment used for water distribution, all while using the most contemporary equipment within state-of-the-art facilities.

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Ontario Tech University

Continuous Learning at Ontario Tech University provides relevant and innovative professional development to individuals, businesses and organizations through pre-designed and custom short courses, certificate programs, and micro-certifications.

It is a critical time to consider career-transforming opportunities for yourself or for your employees. Earn a certificate in Design Thinking and Evaluating User Experience or Visionary Leadership. Consider how courses in project management, coding, revenue generation and operation management, and how to sell on social media can give your career and workplace a competitive advantage. The Ontario Tech team works closely with you to understand workplace development needs while building opportunities for lifelong learning in flexible, accessible and interactive formats.

Contact the Ontario Tech team at to explore customized corporate training solutions and visit Ontario Tech's website for up-to-date information on up-coming courses and certificate programs. Make it easy and sign up to receive Ontario Tech newsletters with information on certificates, courses and updates sent directly to your Inbox. 

Agricultural Leadership Program
The Agricultural Leadership Certificate Program consists of five (5) highly interactive courses that will assist those who are working within the agricultural sector, regardless if they are an owner, partner or responsible for the operational or day-to-day functions of the Agri-business.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Management Certificate
This three-course program is designed for you to take action and launch a Social Media strategy you will implement right away so that you can obtain a successful ROI for your organization.

Professional Communications Certificate
This specialized Ontario Tech University five-course (5) certificate program concentrates on the written, verbal and leadership skills required by managers, supervisors and professionals.

Professional Management Certificate Program
The Professional Management Certificate Program consists of five (5) courses designed to enhance the managerial effectiveness and leadership abilities of today's business professionals.

Not-for-Profit Leadership Certificate Program
The Not-for-Profit Leadership Certificate Program has been designed to meet the unique challenges faced by managers in an environment where the focus is on helping others.

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Principles of CANDU decommissioning
These two, one-week courses present a review of the key scientific and engineering principles of nuclear decommissioning technology.

Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems
This specialized two-day (2) course focuses on Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems (N-R HES) and the knowledge gained will enable attendees to be ready for a wide range of infrastructure projects that include a variety of energy sources.

Skill Builder – Essential Communications
This online workshop offers emerging professionals and job-seekers the opportunity to develop core competencies in communication, problem solving, and strategic thinking. Students will apply and practice their skills in persuasion, conflict resolution, and public speaking.

Design Courses offered in partnership with OCADU
Options include Basic Design Principles, Introduction to Digital Photography, Introduction to Web Art and Design, Advanced Web Art and Design, CSS and JS Frameworks, and more.

Excel Essentials for Managers
This one-day hands-on course is designed for those with a basic knowledge of Excel, who need to use key Excel features to manage, customize and automate workbooks

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Trent University Durham GTA

Master of Management (M.Mgt): Full Time 16-month program - January 2021 (New) and September 2021 entry
This professional masters program will provide you with a competitive edge in the job market with a grounding in a broad spectrum of business and management disciplines, from accounting to corporate finance and marketing to strategic management.

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Marketing and Entrepreneurship: Full or Part Time (10 courses), as little as 8 months - January 2021 (New)
Are you interested in starting your own business, patenting an idea, or working in a corporation or small enterprise? In a world that thrives off of innovation, creative thinking and savvy ideas, this program will help you develop your business acumen and better prepare you for a rewarding career in marketing, sales, product development or brand management

Human Resource Management: Full or Part Time (10 courses), as little as 8 months - January 2021 (New)
The postgraduate certificate in Human Resource Management is for students seeking professional development in HRM in preparation for the pursuit of a career that involves the management of people.

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Communications (Bachelor of Arts): Full or Part Time (15 to 20 courses) - January 2021 and Spring 2021 entry
The ability to understand how we communicate with one another across multiple platforms is an integral part of our world. Trent’s Communications degree offered exclusively at our Durham GTA Campus allows you to develop the skills and expertise you need to stand out in a competitive job market.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Bachelor of Arts): Full or Part Time (20 courses) September 2021 (New)
The current global and competitive economic landscapes require greater efficiency, speed and productivity from companies and organizations. Employers need multi-skilled professionals with a command of the most advanced management techniques, who are able to take full advantage of technological information systems and also know how to detect new business niches and even open up new markets.

*Subject to Ministry and Quality Assurance Approvals.*

Bachelor of Business Administration: Full or Part Time (20 courses) - January 2021 and Spring 2021 entry
At the School of Business, an undergraduate degree equals a business trajectory that is underway, under control and unlimited. Students in the School of Business, steer their own learning experience. Our job is to point out the possibilities -- then get out of their way.

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